Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Laugh

This isn't meant to be entertaining. It's just a getting-to-know-me reference post and I think it will probably come up a bit in the future.

It's about my laugh.

I have this laugh. I've had it all my life. It has a life of its own. It doesn't need me at all. I don't even think about it. I don't even notice it. It's just been there. My whole life. Like my shadow.

It's kind of an Elmer Fudd, Beavis and Butthead thing. My wife laughs at me and calls it "Your nervous giggle." I don't think that "nervous giggle" is a good way to describe it.

But like I said. I don't even notice it. I don't realize that I do it. I'm not about to try and change it. But when I hear myself on tape or video or whatever, I hear it. That's when I notice it. And I think, "Man... that's kind of annoying. That guy laughs way too much. Why does he do that?"

Simple. It's just been that way his whole life. His laugh is like his shadow.

Other people who laugh way too much always tell me they love my laugh. And everyone else is just polite enough not to say anything. But I've thought it too. "Man... that's kind of annoying." But I'm not about to try and change it now.

When I was in that car accident last summer, after I was soaked in Dr. Pepper and waited 3 hours to fill out an accident report, closet-gay Brad and his pseudo-girlfriend and the pseudo-girlfriends family drove me to my car.

Brad told me later that when I got out of the car, the 13 year old little sister said, "Finally. He's gone. Every time that guy says something, he laughs." Man. That guy is kind of annoying.

Don't worry. It will grow on you.


Kris said...

I thought there was going to be a short video on this laugh.

Anonymous said...

Em, Your laugh kept me going. All these years.