Monday, November 06, 2006

Watch Human Relations as they Die

More moments of note in customer service.


"I like these shoes I bought here a few years ago but now the soles are completely worn out."

I lift my shoe to show the sole.

"That's a "Vibram" sole. Those should hold up good."

She said it was her first day. You can't expect people to listen to you on the first day.


"Can you guys rotate the tires on my minivan?"

"Did you buy them at Costco?"


"Then we can't rotate them. Are you sure you didn't buy them here."


"Our computer says you bought tires for a Cherokee and a Civic..."

"I did. But I need the tires rotated on my minivan."

"Are you sure you didn't buy them here?"

What good is an Executive Membership if you can't even get your tires rotated?

Joanne Fabrics

My friend Ross and I started a softball team one year. One of the rules was that every player had to have a shirt with a number on it. We went to a fabric/craft store to find some iron-on numbers...

Ross: "Do you guys have any BIGGER iron-on numbers? These are tiny."

Clerk: "No. Those are the only numbers we have."

Ross: "You guys only sell TINY numbers?"

Clerk: "Yes."

Ross: "But you have GIANT iron-on poodles?" Pointing at poodles on the shelves.

Clerk: "Shut up." Angrily walks away.

It was one of the funniest moments in customer service ever. I guess the giant poodles are for poodle skirts. If you know what those are.

Another funny thing is when you ask a person:

"What have you been up to?"

and they say, "Fine."

or the opposite, "How's it going?"

and they say, "Nothing."

It's a deaf society.

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PsychoIntern said...

I was harrassing my sister, "W" in Walmart one day...I kept saying, "Hey buddy! Buddy! Come here buddy!" etc. Because she had just told me she didn't like me or something to that effect, and I wanted to annoy her....All of a sudden a Walmart employee came barrelling around the corner and yelled, "WHAT?!!!" His nametag said "Buddy"