Monday, November 20, 2006

Alternative Spanish Speaking

It would be nice if I could speak spanish. I took a little in high school but most of what I remember were the phrases my friends and I used to goof around during class. I still like the way we spoke it better:

El Guapo - I believe it means "Handsome." Here is how we used it: Raise your hand like you are going to backhand someone and tell your target, "I will el guapo you!"

Aqui, Alli, Alla - When you are El Guapo-ing someone you can yell out, "Aqui, Alli, Alla!" I believe the direct translations for these words are , "right here, right there, over there." So the English version would ALSO be cool to yell out while you are delivering someone a three punch combination.

Arriba Vos - The direct translation is "Up yours" but apparently this is not a derogatory phrase in the Spanish language. It rolls off the tongue nicely and can easily be yelled while driving, so I think the Spanish speaking people of our world should give it a chance.

Buenos Nachos - Good nachos.

Yo tengo que baƱara mi abuela - I have to go wash my grandma.

Despite the wide acclaim that Chi Chi Rodriguez has garnered in the world of golf, my teacher told me I shouldn't call people "chi chi." I guess it means "tits." So we used words like Sabado, Sabes Que and Donkey Hotay as nicknames instead.

As an aside: There is a guy at work named Rick. He is friendly and smiles a lot but he has such a thick Spanish accent that you can barely understand him. I little while ago I was working with a mexican temp worker and he started talking to Rick in Spanish. When the conversation ended, the temp worker turned to me and said, "Ugh... his Spanish is no good."

So on paper Rick is bilingual but in real life he's barely lingual at all in any langauge. I think it's funny but soy un perdedor.

As another aside: I found out after graduating High School that my American Government teacher was having an affair with my Spanish teacher for years. Then my American Government teacher died of a drug overdose. I guess the joy of teaching made him feel like a rock star.


Native Minnow said...
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Native Minnow said...

We used to really upset our Spanish teacher in high school by speaking "Spanglish." You know, where you just add an -ay or on -o sound to the end of any English word. The best was when I leaned back in my chair and caught a piece of skin on my arm between the chair and the desk behind me and my friend said "el pinche." She especially wasn't happy with that one.