Monday, October 30, 2006

Ladies' Halloween Costumes

What do you get for $30?

Basically, you ladies get a plastic mini-skirt, a pair of fishnet stockings and your choice of barely-recognizable police hat, fireman hat, nurse's head-thingy, bunny ears, devil horns, witch hat... the possibilities are limitless.

Cheap?!?! I will have you know that this stuff was originally designed for strippers and is guaranteed for at least THREE pole-dances. Now get out there and sex it up.

Why haven't these guys been run out of town?

(The CandyCorn costume is actually $50 online. You have to buy your own broom though.)


Native Minnow said...

As far as I'm concerned, there can't be enough costumes designed to make women look like strippers. But then again, I'm a disgusting middle aged pervert.

flieswithoutwings said...

We'll see if you change your tune when you're shopping for a costume with your daughter.

flieswithoutwings said...

Not to mention, this is probably pretty tame for Vegas.