Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Take a Hint

I was filling up the van with gas the other day when some speakers overhead started playing that song "Do You Love Me? (Now that I can dance)."

What a goofy song. I wish so bad that a girl answered the question at the end of the song...

"You broke my heart because I couldn't dance but now I can really move... Do you love me...?"

Then the girl says something like:

"Well, I tried to let you down easy by saying I already had a boyfriend and you just kept bothering me even when I said I was washing my hair, or doing homework or hanging out with my REAL friends, so I just made up a stupid reason like, 'you can't dance.'

You are definitely clumsy and socially inept, but I couldn't care less about your dancing. You're pudgy and pasty and you live with your mom. You're Instant Message ID is "Shortcircuitjohnny5."

No way in Hell! I was trying to be nice but look what you made me do. Now Mash Potato your way out of my face."


flieswithoutwings said...

It really makes me laugh if I actually picture some heartbroken guy dancing away from some angry girl who is way out of his league.

Poor Berry Gordy Jr.

slimysculpin said...

dancing away and sniffling, then breaking down (emotionally, not rhythmically) and running for the door.