Thursday, May 25, 2006


I realized that the company I work for deals in a lot of pork rinds. But they don't call them pork rinds. They gave them a new name that makes them sound like a little somethin' granny whipped up in the kitchen.

It's funny how well that works with people. If all food names were as honest as "pork rinds" then foods like Jello and hotdogs just wouldn't make it as household products. But throw in some food coloring and tack on an agreeable misnomer and it can be a hit.

Examples of good naming are things like "Beef Jerky." How much tougher can you get than "Beef Jerky?" Even "Ramen" noodles. Sounds like "Raw Men," and who doesn't like those? It could even work as the name as a WWF wrestler: The Ramen Canoodler. Sounds like some rugged dude who will twist you into a pretzel at the sound of a bell. The Ramen Canoodler should be the arch rival of Nacho Libre.

Bon App├ętit.


slimysculpin said...

so, what is the appetizing name? crispy porcine fritters?

flieswithoutwings said...

"Bakenets" (bake-nets) seem harmless enough, right? It's hard to imagine the food just by the name. They're pork rinds.

Anonymous said...

Who actually eats those things? I have never even tried one.