Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Most Offensive Word

There is a word that I don't think of nor use very often. When I use the word in conversation, I have a doubt about the correct enunciation but I don't worry about. I just let it rip.

The word is "SCARCE." When it comes out of my mouth, I usually pronounce it as SCAR-ce. When I do that, people freak out. What did you say? That is not even a word? It has happened a few times and I am amazed that people find it so disturbing.

My brother-in-law even gave me a grammar lesson on silent-E's and gates and all that. He told me it should always be pronounced SCARE-ce. But there are many words that break that long-vowel/gate rule; like have, give and most of all FARCE.

I'm just going to think of it as one of those "you say tomato, I say tornado" things.


ShootingStar said...

I think its funny when people freak out about pronunciation, even regionalisms like "creek" vs. "crick" deserve some respect.

The funniest one for me though is settlers. Some say settl-ers, but some say sett-lers. My brother-in-law was saying sett-lers once and I thought he was using a completely new word. I laughed when he told me he meant settl-ers, because I thought he was actually trying to be funny by saying sett-lers. I felt like a pronunciation nazi when I latter realized that sett-lers is how he pronounces the word, and that actually plenty of people pronounce it that way.

PsychoIntern said...

The one I hate to hear is Shhe-jewel instead of sked-jewel for Schedule...I thought people were retarded when they used that pronunciation, but realized it is more of a British thing...or maybe a thing from back East... :)

Anonymous said...

Kinda like some people say the word favorite like fav or it and some say it like fav or ite. That one bugs me.

Lindsay-Weaver said...
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