Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is Officer Van Halen...

I have some things that don't belong to me:

  • A David Eddings book called "The Diamond Throne" that belongs to Shooting Star's sister (And a book called "The Swordbearer" for that matter). Loaned to me when I was 15.
  • A "Great White's Greatest Hits" CD that I believe belongs to Sandskier. I don't know how I ended up with it.
  • Ross's "A Wrinkle In Time" book.
  • A "Harry Potter" and "Baby Name" books that belong to my supervisor at my desk job.
  • Presents for my sister's entire family for Christmas 2005.
  • Gordon's "Cadillac Desert" book.
  • Minnow already came and picked up the socks he left in our basement.
  • A big stack of mail addressed to someone named "Current Resident."

    If you want'em, you better come and get'em. Does anyone want to loan me anything else?

    PsychoIntern said...

    What about my fishing pole? :)
    Actually I gave that to Ethan, so I am sure that is why it isn't listed...

    flieswithoutwings said...

    No, no. You're right. We just haven't used it since last summer:

    PsychoInterns fishing ROD.

    Native Minnow said...

    I love that you STILL have those Christmas presents for your sister sitting at your house 1 1/2 years later.

    PsychoIntern said...

    OH...WHAT A LOSER I AM...I can't believe I called it a fishing pole. :(

    However, it isn't my fishing rod, because I gave it to Ethan. :) I just wanted to fit in the special crowd of people who have past possessions in your home.

    DirtWorshipper said...

    hah. . . i've been reading your blog for a while now but never commented, but if i'm not mistaken, those are my books you mentioned. . . .i find i am happy to be amongst the "special crowd"