Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What Up?

Little things I've thought about lately:

Why put spinning hubcaps on a minivan or even low profile tires and big "dubs" on any truck or SUV? The cool parents at school have them.

Why can't you buy Mr. Pibb in cans?(not that I would)

When did it become appropriate to use the word "piehole" in a commercial for a children's breakfast cereal? Wouldn't "empty-calorie-hole" be a better fit?

Speaking of which, can the fellas put a schedule together to "check up" on Beyonce tonight and every night so she can zip her bootylicious piehole about it?

Tragedy magnets. I'm not talking about myself. There is a guy at work and his pregnant wife developed an infection and they had to give up the baby. The wife is still sick. This guy also suffers from serious problems with his liver. He holds one arm tight against his gut all night and tries to move furniture with the other. Don't ask me what he does when he has to lift a 350 pound curio into an upright position. The other day we were waiting for day-shift to leave and we were standing around the trash compactor. Some dummy was throwing in a bunch of smashed up pallets and ended up hitting the unlucky guy square in the forehead with a six-foot 2X4. I told him to go report it in case he needs treatment for it. He won't. I don't know why he took this job. He doesn't even try. He will probably be gone by next month, one way or another.

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Native Minnow said...

There was a guy like that at my job in Provo. Somebody threw a ball of tape at another guy who had a tube shaped package that he swung like a bat. He hit the 'ball' but some posters came flying out the end of the tube and cut the white of the unlucky guy's eye. He was always ending up with cuts on his hands, and I think even got a hernia at one point. I wonder if the poor guy is even still alive at this point.