Thursday, March 30, 2006

Not For Dial-Up

Just wanted to post some recent drawings by the 5 year old:
  • Cat:3 legs for perspective, not because he can't count.

  • Mother apatosaurus with child (Stick figure for sizing). He also did a rhinoceros picture just like this but three pics is my limit tonight.

  • T. Rex fossils

    Native Minnow said...

    So is he going to be an artist or a paleontologist?

    flieswithoutwings said...

    We are totally aiming low with our kids. We are giving them rigorous training in "mock phonecalls" to hone their telemarketing skills.

    These staged calls usually end with me yelling at them, "You missed at least three opportunities to get in a Value Statement or Upsale! Get to your room for a time out!"

    I tell my kids that if they could just do 200% of what I ask, PERFECTLY, each month that I will give them a 7% increase in Scooby Doo fruit snacks, but they are thick-headed or something.

    I tell them they already have the lousy american work ethic. I say, "You're not perfect now and you probably never will be!" It's the best real-world training I can offer.

    PsychoIntern said...

    At first I thought he drew those on an etch-a-sketch and was even more impressed... :)

    Pretty cool drawings for a 5-year old.

    PsychoIntern said...

    Oh yeah, if you happen to be in Bakersfield in the next 4 months, we can take him out digging for fossilized shark teeth. My 5-year old loves it...

    Native Minnow said...

    That's a good way to raise your kids. That way, if they rise above it then it's just a pleasant surprise. Keep expectations low, then you'll never be disappointed. That holds for all aspects of life.

    Just so you know - if they call me trying to sell something, I'm totally hanging up on them.