Monday, March 27, 2006

Classic Cartoon Violence

Once in awhile my kids and I watch Tom and Jerry reruns on Cartoon Network. There is rarely any speaking. It's mostly slapstick and violence but we are all entertained. I wouldn't think of myself as someone to support cartoon violence but when an episode opens with Tom the cat lazing in an armchair on a summer afternoon playing paddleball where he has replaced the rubber ball with Jerry the mouse, I start laughing.

In an episode we just saw there is a buckaroo mouse who travels around with his guitar performing the song "Froggy went a' courtin'" for anyone who will listen. At key moments of his performance he always breaks a string on his guitar and Tom the cat always busts up laughing at the singer's misfortune. Then the mouse will do something like reach out of the television and pull out Tom's whiskers or something.

It's not what Mary Poppins would teach but it doesn't seem that bad and it sure makes me laugh.

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