Sunday, January 29, 2006

Startin' With the Man in the Mirror

While we're focusing on looks, here's a slice of life that's been haunting me:

When I was an art major in college, just about every art class - painting, drawing, design - required a "self-portrait" for the final project. While I was laboring over one of these projects, trying to get it right, I noticed "this looks like Michael Jackson." What the hell?!

No matter what I did to get my face on the paper, it looked like Jacko. I DON'T think I look like Michael Jackson. I'm a Lou Diamond Philips guy, right?

A year or two ago we took our kids to Chuck E. Cheese and a family in another booth kept staring at me. I wondered what their problem was, but didn't really care. I got up to fill our cups with fountain drinks and the family grabbed my arm as I walked past. There were three or four generations of girls their and a couple of guys. The girl who was about my age (the one who grabbed my arm) said, "We wanted to tell you that you look JUST LIKE Michael Jackson."

I said, "Is that an insult or a compliment?"

The family erupted in praise, "Compliment! You look like a young, hot Michael Jackson."

I think I ran. I can't remember. It was a good time for another of my trademark mental blocks. But apparently I'm giving off a Jacko vibe, to the people who knew what he looked like before he destroyed his face.


Native Minnow said...

Just make sure that you don't develop the same love for young boys and I'll still be your friend ;-)

slimysculpin said...

You don't look like MJ. You are a dead ringer for Tito, though.

ShootingStar said...

Your good looks are always getting you in trouble. Didn't someone also grab your arm because you were wearing a stylish sweater? Maybe you could start a trend of having plastic surgery to be less attractive so that people would leave you alone. --just trying to help you from getting mauled super star

slimysculpin said...


your mother said...

To me you're Em.