Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Maybe It IS Me (and My Unit)

I'm ready to admit that maybe I'm demanding. For all my complaining about jobs, if I was a single shut-in, sleeping on my mom's couch, I'm sure I would be fine with $7/hr employment. At my family's request, I resigned from that "Industrial Technician" position this morning. The people were great: they treated me like a human being and everything. I also liked the miscellaneous dogs wandering through the office. The work seemed exciting with the drawback of being potentially deadly. And the boss made me a flat-out promise of over $30K for the year, even if I stayed at my beginning wage (which he said would go up).

My wife can't fathom me being gone for weeks at a time, leaving her alone with the kids. And she is a worry-wart. I had to quit. The boss said he wished me the best and that the door was still open. I guess if I'm turning down a $30K job I can't complain. Or can I? A week of training was nothing but safety instructions. If you turn on the news you will see it's dangerous; dangerous beyond the point of being safe so long as you pay attention. I'm worried I won't be so lucky again in finding a decent job, though.

Eleanor wants me to be a Court Clerk, but I don't think I can stand to see innocent people fined for lame traffic stops or the ignorance of those at fault.

Paying for your family is tough. You have to be so picky.

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