Friday, January 20, 2006

Fresh New Ideas

I'm disappointed that someone has stolen my movie idea. I'm talking about the movie "When a Stranger Calls," about a teenaged babysitter who recieves harassing phone calls, then the police inform her "we traced the calls (so 80's), they're coming from inside the house!" Check the children! Sure, this is the plot of 20 ghost stories and about half of the suspense novels written for tweens, but I was really going to make it my own.

I guess I'll need to focus on my other projects:

  • A TV sitcom about someone who predicts murders and only has a short period of time to prevent them.

  • A rock song about "The Real Thing" (a la Faith No More, U2, Bo Bice)

  • A book about a writer who has a lot of great ideas but nobody realizes it until he's already descended into madness and dies a violent death. Then they think he's wonderful.

  • My photography series of self-portraits where I crouch in the corner of an empty room.

    PsychoIntern said...

    I saw a TV sitcom like this where the guy received the next day's newspaper or something like that, and then he had to go and try to prevent the chain of events that led to the murder, accident, etc. Kind of similar to your idea, but I can't remember the name of the show. I saw parts of maybe two episodes.

    bigmagsis said...

    How about the show that they know something is going to go wrong and only this one person can make it right, fixing problems in the past so the future turns out right, etc.

    your mother said...

    I think it's called "medium."