Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wacky Shack

We've been having earthquakes in our house all morning. There was an old house on a big lot directly behind us. The old man who lived there got put in a home and the house went into a shambles and became uninhabitable. Last spring, the cops came by to ask if we'd heard anything suspicious. He said there was a suicide in the house, but other neighbors said the gunshot was issued in the house while the body was found out in the yard.

At any rate, they completely bulldozed the house soon after. Now they plan on building four houses where the one used to stand. We've had two or three weeks of steady, below-freezing temperatures so I guess it seemed like a good time to start digging basements. Theres a giant bucket loader back there slamming its shovel into the frozen terrain, over and over. Slam, slam, slam. Windows rattle. Waves travel through the kids' Gatorade but I have not seen them bring up a single scoop of dirt.

I'm willing to give people, in general, the benefit of the doubt. We are not a society of complete morons. So my question is, why do these particular morons have access to heavy machinery?

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