Thursday, December 08, 2005

Nancy Drew and the Phantom Bleeps

I was getting up and going for the day. Ethan was at kindergarten and Olivia was strolling around the house, practically naked. Everywhere I went I kept hearing mysterious bleeping. I asked Olivia what the sound was several times. She would just put her hands in the air, "Daddy, I don't know."

It was really starting to irritate me, as mysterious noises often do, but I tried to ignore it and continue with my errands. Then I grabbed Olivia to get her ready. When I pulled her diaper open, a small electronic game (from a cereal box) came flying out. She had slept with it down the front of her puffy, plastic pants.

It could have been worse: It could have been in her stool or even in her stomach. I threw it away. She kept asking me where it was. I told her if it had been in her diaper it didn't matter where it was and never would again. I thought my days of having housemates who randomly stuffed things down their pants ended when I stopped going to college.

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