Thursday, December 29, 2005

Keepin It Real for 2006

We're not losers anymore. My wife's friend invited us to a swanky New Years Eve Party. We're not going... but it's a nice sentiment. We're just not party-people. We don't shout "Hey" nor "Ho." We don't wave our hands in the air. We're too highstrung to wave them like we just don't care.

The only reason I would consider going to the party is because my wife's friends live in a million dollar house (Pricey for Utah. There's no ocean here.) But the rumor is that they are about to file bancruptcy and lose the house (Have you hugged your gossipy mother lately?). Another empty mansion, what a surprise. Her friends seem to have blasted into space. We like down-to-earth people.

If you're bottom dwellers like us, drop by on New Years. We'll be hanging around the house. Bring fireworks (preferably from Wyoming).

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