Monday, December 12, 2005

The Fuzzy Image

As my close friends know, I am somewhat of a business prodigy. I can capitalize on anything. I just obtained some patents on a few items I have been developing for years to sell at those overpriced knick-knack stores in the malls:
Wildberry Essence Charm Necklace: $149.99
That's right. It's a smell and look fit for a princess.
Golden Ice Glove: $99.99
Has a more practical glove ever been produced in our history? I think not. Expect to see these being handed out on "fan appreciation day" at Yankee Stadium next season.
Drippy-Clips: $29.99
No more wiping the snot across your arm when these angelsoft tissues are riding your belt.

These items are currently available by mail order and can be rushed to you in time for Christmas. Act now.

1 comment:

slimysculpin said...

can you get the drippy clips without the holiday packaging? maybe something a little more manly, like calvin peeing on something.