Sunday, November 13, 2005

Someone In the Club, Tonight, Has Stolen My Idea

Gordon accused me of ripping off "King of the Hill" about three entries back. I was mostly just thinking about polyps after a conversation with my mother. I did see that episode of King of the Hill where Hank goes in for a colonoscopy. I don't remember a strong video game theme. Regardless, I do see the similarity and won't say its impossible that scenes from that show were fresh in the back of my mind. If great minds aren't just thinking alike then I am happy to be borrowing from the best.

It's hard to stay original these days and you never really know if you are or not. I distinctly remember being a kid and thinking about "roller blades" and shocks on bicycles. I assumed adults had written them off as bad ideas. But no, here they are and who knows who came up with the idea? Another idea I had is pivoting bucket seats for better cornering in cars, but we'll see if that materializes.

Learning is based on imitation. Until I think of something genuinely original I will take a tip from "The Gap" and continue to dress like stylish poor kids from the inner-city and rip my guitar riffs from slaves who had everything else taken from them. Why not music too? Then maybe someone will call me the King of Rock and Roll.

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Gordon said...

I think that episode was on pretty recently. The video game part is when they're about to do that colonoscopy, and the doctor invites Bobby into the room. "Hey sport, you like video games?" He hands Bobby that contraption with the joystick and Bobby is going nuts on it making all those shooting sounds.