Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lifting Your Esteem

We were watching one of those "weekly review" shows (highlights from various other shows) the other day. I've never seen the "Tyra Banks Show" but they were showing a clip. I'm not sure what types of issues Tyra usually deals with but on this show she was intent on abolishing rumors that her breasts were not real. To do so, she brought in an OBGYN to do a "feel test" and a mammogram, which I guess would reveal any synthetic material.

First thing first, she reached under her t-shirt and unclasped her bra. At this point my wife's fist shot up in the air and she loosed a triumphant, "Yes!!!" After a bout of laughter I asked, "Of all the things we see on television, why did that get you worked up enough to shout?"

Eleanor said, "Didn't you see how far her boobs fell? Mine are big but they don't sink like that."
Me: "So you're happy you have better boobs than Tyra Banks?"
Eleanor: "Yes."

It was a bad day for Tyra Banks. And compared to Eleanor, the model's personality is twice as droopy.

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Gordon said...

Does your wife know you're telling stories about her boobs on your weblog?