Saturday, November 05, 2005

In Case You Didn't Notice

Quick observations I have recently made:

1. Women peek into baby strollers the way guys peek at cleavage.
2. Britney Spears is one bender away from becoming Anna Nicole Smith.
3. There are too many similarities between Crest toothpaste and Head and Shoulders shampoo to be a coincidence.
4. The majority of people on latino television channels do not look latino. They look white. Where are the mexicans I recognize?


ShootingStar said...

Hey mr. sexist! Should have known you'd offend someone with your gender stereotypes. Okay so some women MAY peak into strollers, and some guys at cleavege. But don't you see that going around talking about it--normalizing it-- just makes people do it more? Now women will read this and think "oh is that what other women do? Then so will I." So I see that you were trying to get a cheap laugh with your #1 comment there, but remember...Sexism is never funny! (But apparently I think being dramatic is).

ShootingStar said...

So after reading your thoughts on my little pony I felt pretty bad for calling you a sexist. Please disregard the dramatic language. I posted an earlier apology, but somehow it is not here--so here is another one. I have a personal vendetta against any stereotypes. I always feel that they reinforce actions even if they are trying to be funny. As a woman who is constantly working against what patriarchy tells her women are/should be like I find any stereotype oppressive.

Gordon said...

I think babies and breasts are often appealing for the same reasons.

They're plump and soft and smell oh so nice.