Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Have Always Been a Monster

This is a response to the comment on "Stomping Your Ass." First, I do not think any problems are ever solved by punching someone in the face. Maybe it feels good but the underlying issue still remains. I used quotes around "reasoned with" because I do not consider their manner of thinking to be reasonable. They apparently do. I leave it to the reader.

My position on eating is that I'm accepting of a world where one creature may eat another to stay alive. I agree that salty, sugary, processed foods should be avoided and that real fruits and vegetables (not the waxy stuff with the injected "goodness") are very good for you. It is difficult to know the vegetarian perspective on things since it varies from person to person. Most of the vegetarians I know pretty much did it on a whim. You may have noticed I do not condone several aspects of our society and the meat industry is right up there with the worst of them. I do not categorize McDonald's as food.

I eat meat. I think the optimum diet for a good life probably includes meat. I am not immovable on that but it seems to make the most sense. I admire people with noble ideas, especially those who act on them. I do not think vegetarianism is necessary but that does not make it bad. I do not feel bad about my feelings on this. It's okay to eat fish cause they don't have any feelings, or so I've heard. Shine on.

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