Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Believe You Can Get Me Through the Night

Now that I'm not working an ungodly shift I have time to sleep and eat regularly. I feel a lot better and I've even started dreaming again. But I've recently realized how annoying dreaming has always been to me. Once it gets to the point that I'm consciously aware of my dream something really annoying happens. For instance, I realized I was dreaming and I was standing on a mountain road beside a lake. Once I became aware of this, a mountain lion began attacking me. I would drive him off but he would return again and again. Sometimes I dream I'm at a river with snakes all around; on the beach, in the trees, swimming in the water. The other night I dreamed I was walking on the street near my house and gangsters started chasing me. I ran and jumped from a steep hillside, over a barbed-wire fence and had to make a rough sliding landing. That's another common theme: falling off cliffs. I dream of really high, steep escalators, or things like driving off a cliff and being trapped in a car, hundreds of feet below the surface of the water. Dream analysts can tell me what they think of this, but I'm not likely to take the responses to heart. Just like I won't believe my teeth-grinding is stress-related: We were in Hawaii for a week with a thousand dollars more than we planned and my wife said I was still grinding away. My five and two year old both grind their teeth in their sleep as well.

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