Monday, November 28, 2005

Captain, My Captain

Today I outlined the gameplan to the kids so I could get to a job interview. At the conclusion I asked, "Do you understand?" To which Ethan quickly responded, "Yes, SIR."

If I had trained him to do that it would have been impressive. Since I've never used that word IN MY LIFE it was like getting a Father-of-the-Year award. Proof positive that my priorities are straight: Kids first, then education, jobs and the other tripe of life.

Without kids, I would be stuck, much like Sir-Mixalot, assigning the title to myself. Which I'm sure is hardly as gratifying. But instead, I earned it, like Sir Mixalot earned all those gold records. I'm sure there is tremendous pressure being born with a name like "Mixalot" to become either an MC or a baker of fine pastries. Either profession is fitting for a guy who likes big butts.

So I've got the respect. Now... if I could just let my family eat that.

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