Thursday, October 27, 2005

Get a Whiff of This

Our baby, Jonah, had pretty bad "cradle cap" for the first few months. It was really gross dandruff and the doctor told us we could use "Head and Shoulders" shampoo to treat it. Soon after, we were in our living room and Eleanor was holding him against her shoulder. She said, "He smells like his daddy now."

It was something that didn't occur to me and something I never would have guessed throughout my life: That one day, Head and Shoulders shampoo, Cheer laundry detergent and Old Spice "Fresh" scent deodorant would be my olfactory calling cards. It's not the most flattering thing but it could be much worse. I'll have to remember to step things up when I want to impress blind people. Sensational.

Following that theme: When Jonah was first born, my brother (Joel) came out to visit. He was just coming off the pain killers prescribed for his broken vertebrae (that's a different story). Anyway, instead of using pills Joel drank a lot of beer one night. It's funny to me that when next I saw him, I DIDN'T think, "he smells like alcohol." When I saw him next, I thought, "He smells like Mark (my stepdad)."

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ShootingStar said...

So.. you might think it is funny that for a creative writing assignment I had to write down smells that defined my life when I was younger. I had many kinda boring ones such as: Old Spice (my dad) Lilacs (had one in the yard of my first house) and roasting meat (eee-gads did my parents cook alot of roast when i was a kid okay and now too I guess). Anyway when I got into my teenage years I wrote grease-and-coke. This is because my dear highschool boyfriend (I think you know who I mean) used to meet me after his late shifts at a certain lodge. The smells from there that seemed to stick were grease (from cooking I guess) and coke (from the free drinks the management graciously provided) that mixed together in an interesting combination that are forever branded in my memory.