Tuesday, October 25, 2005


This isn't about fast food. It's about living in a capitalist society. Obviously there are many benefits to capitalism, mainly improbable opportunity for wealth and the ability to acquire unfathomable debt. But still.... good things.

My big beef tonight is with the quality of "capital" that we are supposed to be going gah-gah for. My visual example is a washed-up doll. She has spent the better part of fifty years trying to be everything a man could want. When a man wanted a more down to earth girl with a smidge of self-respect, she did what she could to accommodate him. Here, the mold-injected old maid attempts to look like Sarah Michelle Gellar attempting to look like "Daphne" from a "live-action" adaptation of a forty year old cartoon. This is a multi-million dollar industry and this "new" product is the best they have to offer in our golden age of technology?

More beef about IPODS: Apple does not beta-test their products. The consumers test them. You bought an ipod and now its broken. Too bad. Maybe try generation 2. Still having problems? How about a generation 3? Still full price of course. Want to get away from unreliable hard drives and batteries? Get a solid-state memory ipod Nano. Pay no mind to the class action lawsuit in progress about display screens being unfit for daily use.

Final beef for today: What is with the pandering to rednecks? People have the right to their lifestyle. My step-father may even have a little in him. But I must say I'm disappointed with the entertainment industry for thinking rednecks are the key to success. Genuine rednecks are far too busy with NASCAR, drinking, WW-whatever wrestling/New World Order, church and confederate flags to bother. Must Hollywood learn with bombs like "Dukes of Hazzard" and "Herbie: Fully-Loaded"? I am personally boycotting anything along these lines. That may be hard with Pixar's new movie "Cars," coming soon; they have been doing so well, but if I must then I must. Sorry kids.

All I am saying is: Get more for your money. If you have somewhere to go and want to splurge, splurge on gas. Otherwise, wait for something better.

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